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Welcome to my personal research page. I am a Planetary Scientist/Mineral physicist with a background in Planetary Sciences/Geology/Glaciology.

I am the main developer of the SeaFreeze package that provides accurate representation of the thermodynamics of liquid water and HP ices up to 2300 MPa and 400K.

I am currently a Faculty (Acting Instructor) at the Department of Earth and Space Science at the University of Washington, Seattle USA.
My primary research goal is to identify and characterize the chemical and physical limiting factors for habitability of deep extraterrestrial oceans in icy moons and water-rich exoplanets.
I am working on high-pressure ice polymorphs, salts-organics-water crystalline solids, and aqueous solutions thermodynamical properties at conditions relevant for deep planetary oceans.
This work is done at Prof. J. M. Brown Mineral Physics Lab at the ESS and with Dr. S. Vance at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
I am a member of the NASA Astrobiology Institute Habitability of Hydrocarbon Worlds: Titan and Beyond and Icy Worlds projects based a the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

My previous postdoc was at the IGE (Ex-LGGE) in Grenoble, France, working on the rheological properties of polycrystalline ice Ih. This study was conducted in the frame of the DREAM ANR-funded project under the supervision of Dr. Maurine Montagnat.

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